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Funky Developers have experience over a decade to create video animation, whiteboard video animation, video editing, Introduction and logo animation, 2d and 3d video animation, corporate video animation, and invitation video for personal and commercial use.

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  Key Features

Unique Storytelling

A compelling and original storyline that engages the audience emotionally and leaves a lasting impact.

High-Quality Animation

High-quality animation that stands out from the crowd with unique visuals, attention to detail, and a style that fits the brand or message.

Professional Voiceover

A professional voiceover that complements the animation and brings the story to life with clear, articulate, and engaging delivery.

Creative Sound Effects and Music

Creative and well-placed sound effects and music that enhance the overall viewing experience and evoke emotion in the audience.


A clear and concise call-to-action that prompts the viewer to take action, whether it’s to buy a product, sign up for a service, or simply share the video with others.

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Video Production Company
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Video Production Company

Process of Animation Video

We produce top-notch animated videos using a customized process. Collaborating with clients, we create compelling storylines brought to life by our talented team. With regular feedback, we deliver an effective and captivating final product.


Script Writing

The animation team discusses your products and services with analysts to create the best strategy for conveying your message effectively.


Story Boarding

Our skilled artists use specialized software to bring the characters and elements to life, which may take some time as it’s a part of the  animation video creation process.


Voice Over & Sound Effects

Once the animation is complete, our team adds professional voice-over and sound effects to enhance the overall viewing experience of the  animation video.



We deliver the final  animation video after approval and ensure it meets all client requirements. The video is ready for marketing and promotion.

8+ Years of Experience & 480+ Websites

Funky Developes has over a decade of experience producing top-quality animation videos for various industries. Choose from our pre-made packages or request a customized quote. Our dedicated team will exceed your expectations and bring your vision to life.


There are several software and tools that are commonly used for video animation. Some of the most popular include Adobe After Effects, Blender, Autodesk Maya, and Toon Boom Harmony.

The process is very simple and easy 

Voice Over

There are several different types of video animation, each with its own unique style and characteristics. Some of the most common types include 2D animation, 3D animation, stop motion animation, motion graphics, and whiteboard animation.

An animation artist creates an animation video. The time it takes for an animation artist to create an animation project is equivalent to the price they will charge for it, so whatever the time it takes for an animation artist to create a project, that is the price they will charge for it. We Charge on an hourly basis.

You can use any animation video created by us for your corporate projects presentations and can easily use it for your commercial branding and advertisements.

All our animation videos are royalty-free audio and royalty-free music which are copyright free and available for the usage of commercial purposes hence you can use any animation video created by us for your corporate projects presentations and can easily use it for your commercial branding and advertisements.

Why don't you try and contact our sales experts for that. They will be your best guide to let you know which kind of video you can make depending on your project, product and purpose.

You can use our animation video for Corporate purposes, presentations, marketing advertisements, and showing a brand for the branding advertisements of your brand.

Yes, We can dub all your videos in whatever languages you need from Indian regional languages like Tamil,Malayalam, Gujarati, Hindi to abroad languages like German, french, Spanish you name it and we do it.

Funky developers have experience in creating animation videos for more than a decade now and have a trailer made with the easy process for each element in videos, such as voice-over artist spokesperson, green screen editing tools, and a lot more other things like royalty-free and copyright protected videos. It is the best choice to choose a company like Funky Developers so you can trust a company like Funky Developers and can say it is the best animation video company in Ahmedabad, India to get your animation videos made quickly.


Our Clients


Best Video Animation Company In Ahmedabad

Funky Developers have experience over a decade to create video animation, whiteboard video animation, video editing, Introduction and logo animation, 2d and 3d video animation, corporate video animation, and invitation video for personal and commercial use.

Funky Developers is the best video animation company in Ahmedabad

Animation Video that Impresses People and Sells your Products

People have good visual memory when they listen. You increase your opportunity by 70% to sell your products.
Animation Video that impresses people and sells your product and services…

Our Portfolio

We are experts in creating and curating the best Custom made videos for your company. We have started doing this in 2014.

What do our clients say?

We’ve created 700+ animation videos for 200+ amazing brands (startups & corporates) from 18+ countries around the world.

Our Clients

Types of Animation Videos we make

We use after effects, Maya, illustrator, photoshop, premiere pro, and other similar software for animation and video editing


A 2D video animated explainer video is defined as a short animated video that businesses use to quickly introduce themselves, explain what they do, and tell how they can help solve their customer’s problems.

where we can use a 2d animation Explainer video?

  1. Explain the details of a new product or service.
  2. Explain the services of your business.
  3. Communicate an idea or message to your customers.


Funky Developers create & send personalized invitation videos and greetings for all personal, business, and non-profit events such as wedding Invitation video, House warming parties, showroom/shop/office inauguration, and other similar events.

3D Video
Sometimes referred to as 3D CGI, 3D animation is a type of animation that uses computer generated images to create animated scenes. Compared to 2Danimation, or traditional animation3D has much more depth, and it looks much more realistic. An animated scene starts with one picture, which is referred to a frame.

corporate Video

Funky Developers is a full fledge Branding company in Ahmedabad. We provide commercial video animation services in Ahmedabad &  create innovative videos that are brand specifics and content-oriented. At Funky Developers Branding Agency, we give special attention to all the technical aspects of video animation and ensure that the final

We have made several corporate animation videos. Hence, we understand the simplicity and focus for this type of corporate animation video.

First, the problem, second the solution, and third your promotion or how to reach it.
For over years now the combination of sight, sound, video animation, and motion graphic is always successful see any television or radio advertisements the 3 things for advertisements animation video we told you will always be there.


Logo animation video is used for business center displays to attract visitors with impressive animated 2D and 3D logos of companies. Logo animation is corporate identity in motion, a powerful advertising tool, and a fantastic eye catcher. Youtubers always need the intro for all the videos


We can turn a simple video project into a professional one. We add complex titling, transitions, improve the picture quality, provide color correction etc.


We do all types of 3D modeling for Videos and other vectors for Buildings, new construction, Products, stalls and lots more….



Whiteboard animation video is a video style that shows the static viewer pictures being drawn on the screen. Commonly, the illustrator is joined by a figure that strolls the crowd through the story being told inside the drawing. Whiteboard video animation recordings make thoughts and messages justifiable, clear, captivating, and essential. They have caught the attitude and soul that individuals connect to whiteboards animation , and added fixing – narrating.

Process of Animation

The process we follow to get you the perfect piece of work.

Research and Script

Script & Analysis

Every animation video begins with a discussion about a thought. The Funky Developers animation expert designer team and marketing team along with group of analysts talk with you & your team members to find out more about your products and services. The course of exploration likewise assesses the market to sort out the best strategy for placing out the right message in the most ideal way for your company.


Our plan is to be putting the world into action. once the scripts have been approve. Our team chooses the most attractive male or female voiceover artists with the appropriate accent and paces the animation video. The right voice-over for your video can make all difference.



Our skilled animation artists will start to work on the animation after receiving your approval for all of the previous animation stages. They give the characters a life and other elements on the screen movement using specialized animation software’s.

It should come as no surprise that this step is one of the 2D animation video creation processes so it can take some time to complete.

Enhancement & Clients Feedback

Once the animation video is completed, we will send it to clients for feedback and make any necessary changes.



After completing all the Enhancement & Clients Feedback video is geared up to hit the target market









Real Estate




And Many More

Let’s discuss more about your project

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