Marketing is like pinching someone & leave it to come back.

Satish Devnani is founder of Funky Developers and the force behind the company. Started from creating websites to become a International Branding Agency Mr. Devnani has never gave up on challenges.

Mr. Devnani is Mscit degree holder from GLS University, Gujarat. His passion for marketing is from birth and creativity is something which is a must for everything. All this combinations makes a perfect match for Branding solution expert.


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– Best Branding & Advertising Agency in Ahmedabad, India

Funky Developers holds a reputed image as a Branding Agency among our contemporaries. We assure to the best services to our clients for all the work as they rely on us. Funky Developers was started in 2015, in Ahmedabad, Gujarat as a website development agency and slowly and gradually with the boom in social media, we updated ourselves as a digital media agency and expanded our services to cater in creative resources such as Graphic Designing, Animation, Content Writing, Photography, Music Production & Copyright, and lots more other services. Funky Developers has worked with more than 5 MNC companies, has already reached over 14+ countries and almost all cities in India. The agency has over 480+ clients
and 120+ registered vendors and associations from all over the world. We care for the trust that our clients have in us and so
we assure you to keep our quality up to the mark.


Our Mission is to provide clients with a hassle-free solution for all business requirements under one roof for creating a positive euphoria that benefits all our associations with clients, employees & vendors.

Our Vision

We want to make our company a global leader that can boost our Indian and global economy from the idea of “vasudhaiva kutumbakam”, we want to reach and help thousands of families, youth by growing more production & sales and this can be only done when everyone gets better work to pay for better livelihood.

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We are always looking for a great talent and someone who is birbal in this era. Apply now and join our mission.

Our strength

Our execution capabilities have grown significantly with time, both in terms of the size of projects that we bid for and execute

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