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  • There is this website who sells wallpaper for walls. Now wallpapers are sold on sq. mt from other vendors but when you go to buy them each roll have one pieces. For example, 1 roll size can be of 57 sqft from which after cutting usable area is approx. 55 sqft.
  • After adds to cart has to write length and width of wall and it should calculate how many rolls required then add to cart that rolls quantity.

Technical details

  • Customer should be able to enter length and width in CM,FEET,INCHES all three options available in dropdown
  • Some rolls are of 57 sqft and some are in different size
  • Hence admin panel should ask to add product type
    • Product Name
    • Product size (Example. 57 sqft/ 52954.7 CM)
    • Length and width of product roll


If one roll is 57 sqft and the wallpaper required to customer is 110 sqft. That means he will write 11 length and 10 height which is 110 sqft in total. Hence he will require 2 rolls for his wall.

Excel sheet attached

Important Notes.

  • Here are some of the calculations based on the requirement for example after this plugin this should be achieved.
  • For reference of calculation you can check website hovia [dot] com
  • Design can be popup or just like reference but decent and enough to appear on desktop and mobile.

These are just Sample Calculation which will automatically happen after the plugin is made.


Project started – submission closed is a matrimonial website.


Here the website problem is first user enters registers with name surname, email and phone number then he is moved to OTP screen and then they enter OTP and then website registers the user with half data and then user is logged in into the system. Now without entering his profile data he starts searching for partner now both the sides does like this only and no one enters data since there is no data no transactions.


I want a registration form made separately see all fields from edit my profile page after signup.

Once someone fills this form then send them to OTP window.

Then they don’t become live there is already approval system from admin hence when admin approves after seeing all the data.

The project is purchased from codecanyon

If you need to see the code here are the files

[This is just for checking the code don’t work anything on this its old version]

If one who achieves this there are many other things to be improved in this matrimonial website all things will be awarded to same vendor. Please quote competitive price for this small task.

Yodha app is multivendor astrologer website

I want similar application or a solution please quote the price and timeline accordingly


I want to develop a matrimonial application like sangam

It should be able to register profiles and shown to opposite matches along with chatting inside the application. Chatting is not in current sangam application.


The application to be made in react native don’t need a UI copy just similar concept if you have any ready available application please show us the demo

Hello we are searching for astrology source code which can do following things. Remember i don’t need API only source code is needed which should be able to create API which others can use.


  • Create a kundali by name,time,birth date,place
  • Match two couple kundalis along with explanation of 36 gunas and paragraphs line we will provide with translations in different languages
  • Create astakvakra
  • Kundali PDF showing para about lagna and chandra kundali and according to positions of each house paragraph. And showing mahadasha,antradasha etc. with sadi sati
  •  Daily horoscope
  • dainik panchang
  • kundali management
  • If there are others as well keep informed


Just need to reskin this react native app to iOS and android.

This application

iOS we need uploading support as well.

Please quote competitive price


Just dial Import Leads to CRM.

Here is the Code Igniter based CRM called PERFEX it already has the leads module within its application. We are using Facebook module successfully in our CRM to import leads automatically plugin link given in references



  • With the help of database entry or by pushing through rest API you need to import leads coming from justdial.
  • How leads are imported from justdial? The reference is given below for the same along with detailed information about fields.
  • After lead is imported we have to create a action hook that push the message to lead phone number the sms/whatsapp integration is already given within CRM.



Justdial request

With reference to your requirement, We would like to inform you that we need your self Web Address URL (i.e. Your Website : with the below following fields or parameters which must be captured on url at their end.






Lead ID will be unique for Every Lead









Name of the caller



Mobile number of caller



Landline Number of the caller



caller Email ID



Lead date



Category caller searched for



CityName (eg. Mumbai Delhi)



Caller Area Name



Branch Details if exist



caller mobile is in DND or not it will be(0 or 1) 1 will be DND and 0 will be non DND



Caller Phone is in DND or not it will be(0 or 1) 1 will be DND and 0 will be non DND



Company Name



Pincode Number



Lead Time



pin code of branch



Parent ID or contract id



This is how it works :
1. Client should have a web service running at your end. We will call a url on your server and submit data with above parameters.
2. Client can grab the data and process it in their office only.

Whenever we call the url in response from client side they will have to give us the response text as “RECEIVED” only.



If required will provide the source code of all this modules but only after approximate idea about the cost to be taken for this project.

Important Notes

  • If you see this space don’t ever ever try to call on the phone number and give your long details about your company. I am available on messages and reply to almost everyone and just simply put the name of your company I will check website myself.

  • Please don’t quote me huge quotations of lakhs we are not Elon musk or Jeff Bezos it’s a simple plugin and try to be competitive in the market.
  • If you charge hourly I am okay with that but be professional on reporting me same with powerful software and proper data about your developer’s efficiency don’t expect me to trust you without any kind of proper data instead of that you can quote me on a project basis both are okay.
  • Please give me a proper timeline after seeing all holidays and business days don’t be late it’s your loss.
  • If you have a portfolio and proper tax and billing invoice then only expect me to pay 50% in advance otherwise I have a proper purchase order and vendor agreement that will provide you before starting the work and will do instant payment after testing the software.
  • I expect you to give me support at least one month after this is made if there is any genuine error I am professional and know the difference between extra work and a genuine problem.