Hosting solutions for your business website

Maintaining your business and doing everything the right thing at the right time is very important but still, if you haven’t done it yet you are never too late. Let’s learn today which is the best hosting for you. Every person and company has different needs based on usage and cost affordability. Hoping that this […]

Unlocking secrets about Images for social media

Images for social media is the biggest question of all time how does a brand can always have crystal clear edge to edge images when creating images what size to choose? Well, all this questions arise for all graphic designers out there who are managing social media. So Funky Developers is here to answer everything […]

How to manage Celebrity accounts on social media

Manage celebrities social Media accounts

Everyone in this world wants to be famous but once you are famous and handle lots and lots of audience it becomes important how you connect with them and how you respond to them being a celebrity so it’s better to learn from social media experts on how to manage social media accounts for celebrities. […]

On working with Gujarat Police

ACP Manjita vanzara gujarat police

Hello there, few days back Funky Developers just got a chance to work with Gujarat Police for the event “Rathyatra” for 2017.Funky Developers takes this immense pleasure to work with the dignitaries senior persons in ahmedabad for this auspicious occasion. Rathyatra Event Rathyatra in ahmedabad,Gujarat is celebrated with lots of colors and enjoyment the streets of ahmedabad […]