Fueling Success: How Funky Developers Drove Hazira LNG & Port Vibrant Gujarat 2017’s Social Media Buzz

In Vibrant Gujarat 2017, the need to leverage social media and animation was paramount to create awareness and reach for businesses and industrial companies. Shell and Total’s partnership, Hazira LNG and Port, sought Funky Developers’ expertise to introduce themselves to the social media landscape. With a focus on connecting with the audience during the festive season of Vibrant Gujarat, Funky Developers embarked on a mission to create a new social media presence and awareness campaign, successfully blending it with the #Gas4India initiative promoted by Dharmendra Pradhan, the Minister of Petroleum at the time.

The Challenge

  1. Establishing a Social Media Presence: Hazira LNG and Port had no prior presence on social media platforms, making it essential to build a brand-new channel from scratch.
  2. Simplifying Technical Information: As the subject matter was technical, Funky Developers faced the challenge of conveying complex information in a manner understandable to the general public.
  3. Integration with #Gas4India Campaign: The task involved synergizing Hazira LNG and Port’s message with the ongoing #Gas4India initiative to maximize impact and reach.

The Solution

Funky Developers devised a multi-faceted strategy to address the challenges and drive a successful social media campaign for Hazira LNG and Port.

  1. YouTube Channel Creation: Funky Developers set up a YouTube channel for the company and developed engaging awareness videos. These videos were designed to bridge the gap between technical jargon and layman understanding, captivating the interest of a broader audience.
  2. Integration with Vibrant Gujarat Event: The awareness videos were showcased on-site at the Vibrant Gujarat event held in Gandhinagar’s Mahatma Mandir, gaining exposure to a diverse audience.
  3. Tweet Cafe: As an innovative concept, Funky Developers introduced the Tweet Cafe, aimed at fostering engagement and interactions between the company representatives and the attendees during the event.

Results and Success

Funky Developers’ efforts and creative execution yielded impressive results:

  1. Building a Strong Social Media Presence: Hazira LNG and Port established a robust presence on various social media platforms, garnering attention and creating an engaged audience.
  2. Engaging Awareness Videos: The simplified and captivating awareness videos generated interest from the public, leading to increased viewership and shares.
  3. Successful Tweet Cafe: The Tweet Cafe concept facilitated meaningful interactions between attendees and company representatives, creating a positive brand impression.


Funky Developers played a pivotal role in driving the social media success of Hazira LNG and Port during Vibrant Gujarat 2017. By creating an engaging YouTube channel, producing informative yet accessible videos, and integrating seamlessly with the #Gas4India campaign, they managed to build an audience from scratch and generate widespread awareness. The introduction of Tweet Cafe further enhanced the company’s brand image, thanks to the enthusiastic participation and support of the entire management team, including the CEO. The collaboration exemplified how innovation, creativity, and a dedicated team effort can transform challenges into triumphs on the social media landscape.




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