Unlocking secrets about Images for social media

Images for social media is the biggest question of all time how does a brand can always have crystal clear edge to edge images when creating images what size to choose? Well, all this questions arise for all graphic designers out there who are managing social media. So Funky Developers is here to answer everything about that on how to use social media images wisely and what are the experiences for all of us about images.



  • These days individuals are not interested in considering essay or sentences they put stock in how thing is searching for that picture is making vital job.
  • Content is the lord of the Internet however visual substance is the ruler of Social Media, simply test it out for yourself.
  • Individuals will like to pick the picture rather then picking contact.image ought to contain not so much compose but rather more picture with the goal that clients can comprehends the significance of picture rapidly.
  • Studies prove that 20% of write and 80% graphic ratio is the best image for understanding the concept.
Images for social media
Images for social media


  • Single out the content that has driven the most engagement and reach. Outline the image attributions that your most successful social content shares.
  • Identify patterns across social networks and use this information to make informed future decisions.
  • Choose a time range that’s wide enough to get a good sample of data. Then, analyze which content performs well, either on the page or as an exported CSV.

Conclusion for social media images

  • Choose correct size for images.
  • Export images in less size.
  • Use royalty free images.


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