Amitabh Shah is Changing Generations

Amitabh Shah with wife rashmi amitabh shah and jeffery archer and wife Mary Archer

Amitabh Shah & Yuva Unstoppable are both well known for their work toward the betterment of society. The approach towards schools sanitation, Motivation Programs, Helping people in covid situations. The unique approach and different ideas to solve the problems of underprivileged kids and society. We can smell that it’s not a small vision but a huge mission. Which they use for the betterment of everyone.

Well, you might be curious about those unique ideas, right? That’s why we are here to share what we noticed at NGO when we were working for Yuva Unstoppable.

Amitabh Shah is a self-motivated person and the aura of Mr. Amitabh itself expresses lots of positivity around him. Shah believes “Youth are not useless they are just used less”. And that’s where Yuva Unstoppable is irreplaceable. We always believed that only the poor need help. But what does a privileged person is looking for? We have only heard that a needy needs help a poor might need the help of money. A privileged might need the help of training & Knowledge. Yuva Unstoppable as an organization is truly fulfilling both the needs. If used wisely they can help others too. The Yuva Unstoppable platform is open to everyone. Funky Developers is a digital advisory agency for Yuva Unstoppable dealing with various volunteers over a period of time. We have seen each volunteer increasing their ability and train like a corporate army.

Amitabh Shah from Yuva Unstoppable
Amitabh Shah from Yuva Unstoppable

How Amitabh Shah is changing generations?

The Idea itself in the roots of Yuva Unstoppable is to use the youth resources. It is not only to help the poor. But also to shape the future of those privileged people from Colleges, Schools, corporates. Which are going to change the generations beyond and such a long vision that improves all the participants in Yuva Programs is amazing. We Funky Developers have been lucky to work with them. Funky Developers started working in our early stages. We have seen a spark in the eyes of volunteers, happiness, and can-do attitude transferred from Amitabh shah to each one of them.

If someone needs to train their children from the grassroots level to reach the top heights one should join such NGO programs where they give you the opportunity to think, experiment a platform to work on new ideas, and a guide star to shape it wisely like Amitabh Shah, Pavan Jain, Parth Vasavada and Utsav Patel. By working with all these leaders has been a really great journey for Funky Developers . Funky Developers wish that we will continue years to do so.

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