Hello there, few days back Funky Developers just got a chance to work with Gujarat Police for the event “Rathyatra” for 2017.Funky Developers takes this immense pleasure to work with the dignitaries senior persons in ahmedabad for this auspicious occasion.

Rathyatra Event

Rathyatra in ahmedabad,Gujarat is celebrated with lots of colors and enjoyment the streets of ahmedabad is immersed with the full blissfulness for the Lord Jagnath and khanaji with the chants of  ‘Jai Ranchod, Makhan Chor’ . The people are in full of celebration mood whereas the gujarat police force is working,helping the people in rathyatra celebration.

While working with them i found they don’t take it as their duty to work they do it with passion.Even more they were so sharp and intelligent and tend to do smart work rather than wasting time.Working for creative task with Funky Developers though it was not their subject but they took it as a challenge understanding the limitations of technology and time they were faster then us to suggest valid alternatives.


We also got a chance to meet with Lady Singham of ahmedabad ACP Manjita Vanzara from Gujarat Police while working she was too soft and hardworking but after completion of work we found that she has done too risky task for ahmedabad police department.Few of her adventures and service for the nation was also found on National news channels.


Proud for Gujarat Police

Truly, after working with them Funky Developers is so proud that we for our state we have such good people in police department to work for our security who are smart,intelligent,sharp and takes their duty as their everything,as their passion.Funky Developers wish them success in their tasks and looks forward to work with them again.

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